Dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder caused by a neurological difference in the brain. It is often characterized by inaccurate and/or fluent word recognition with some difficulties in spelling and decoding. It does not affect intelligence. In fact, many people with dyslexia are able to compensate and thrive due to high intelligence and reasoning skills.

Dyslexia is a life-long learning difference that with the right kind of educational approach can help remediate reading and writing struggles. At Trident Academy, we use a very structured, multi-sensory teaching approach developed by the Academy of Orton-Gillinham Practioners and Educators (AOGPE) to help our students.  The Orton-Gillingham approach is recognized as the premier approach to teaching children with dyslexia and Trident Academy is 1 of only 14 schools in the United States accredited by the AOGPE.

The Orton-Gillingham approach is based on 70+ years of teaching practice and instructional philosophies. It is highly diagnostic and prescriptive which provides an individualized teaching approach that is structured, systematic and multi-sensory to anchor students’ learning. The AOGPE is a great resource for understanding dyslexia, the Orton-Gillingham approach, associated news, and advancements in assistive technology.

The International Dyslexia Association suggests that as many of 15-20% of the general population could have some degree of dyslexia. They are a valuable resource for not only learning and understanding dyslexia as learning disorder, but also how to help students and families navigate through their educational needs.