Tuition and Fees 2017/2018


New Families: $28,800*
Current Families: $27,300
*Tuition for new families includes a one-time fee for assessment and placement.*

Application Fee
A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $175 is due with the application for admission to Trident Academy.

Student Fees
Student fees include student accident insurance, tuition refund insurance, technology and science lab fees, parent association dues, and field trips.

Tuition Payment Schedules
A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due within two weeks of acceptance and is applied to your tuition. Three payment options are available for the tuition balance after the deposit. The $1,000 non-refundable deposit for the following year must be submitted if your child is applying for enrollment during the second semester.

Option 1:        Pay the tuition and fees in full by 7/1 and receive a $250 refund
Option 2:        Pay the tuition and fees in two installments, due 7/1 and 12/1
Option 3:        Trident Academy 10-Month Tuition Plan from 6/1– 3/1 for a $100 fee

Tuition paid in two or more installments does not constitute a fractional contract. No reduction or remission of tuition will be allowed by Trident Academy for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal.

Tuition Support Program
Limited tuition support is available for families who meet certain criteria. Applicants must have applied to and been accepted by Trident Academy before grants are awarded. Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to School and Student Services (

Portions of Trident Academy’s tuition may be tax-deductible. Please contact your CPA about this possibility.

Families are encouraged to also consider applying for an Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC) grant. Visit ExceptionalSC for more information at