At Trident Academy, we use a variety of assessments to measure the progress of our students.  We understand that what works for one child excelling in a more traditional school setting may not work for a child struggling with a learning difference.  Our goal is to not only teach our students strategies and tools they can use to excel in a variety of environments, but to also build their confidence and internal light through which they view the world.

All of our students enter with a full Psycho-Educational Evaluation which helps to give our teachers a complete in-depth picture of the intellectual needs of each child. Students individual skills are monitored and recorded using a variety of standardized and norm referenced tests twice a year to track progress and assist with instructional direction.

Informal tests, such as the Trident Academy Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA), is one of many given periodically throughout the year.  This particular test directly reflects the information the students are learning during tutorials from the Trident Academy Orton-Gillingham Scope and Sequence curriculum.  This assessment is designed to assess students on their use of content, strategies, and methodologies.