We pride ourselves in hiring the right people for our school.  We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic individuals focused on providing engaging and rigorous education for our students.  If you have a passion for unlocking students’ potential, we invite you to apply.   Upload resume, cover letter and writing sample below.

All applicants: Write a paragraph or two regarding ONE of the following subjects:

  1. A learning disabled child I have known.
  2. Specific qualities essential for the teacher of a student with learning challenges.
  3. My most memorable teacher.
  4. My greatest strengths as a teacher.
  5. What special education means to me.

Teacher applicants only: Please write an additional paragraph or two answering ONE of the following questions:

  1. How do you teach to improve reading comprehension?
  2. What have you discovered is a difficult concept to teach and how do you approach it?

Any questions can be sent to employment@tridentacademy.com.

Current Career Opportunities

Full Time Elementary Teacher